Part I. Hawaii Environmental Response Law


128D-1 Definitions

128D-2 Environmental response revolving fund; uses

128D-2.5 Toxicologists

128D-2.6 Ecological risk assessor

128D-3 Reportable quantities; duty to report

128D-4 State response authorities; uses of fund

128D-5 Recovery of costs

128D-6 Liability

128D-6.5 Limitation of liability for heavy fuel oil


128D-7 State contingency plan; rules

128D-8 Civil penalties

128D-9 Injunctive relief

128D-10 Knowing releases

128D-11 Recordkeeping requirements

128D-12 Confidentiality of information

128D-13 Reporting requirements

128D-14 Public participation

128D-15 Employee protection

128D-16 Repealed

128D-17 Judicial review

128D-18 Apportionment and contribution

128D-19 Administrative review of orders

128D-20 De minimis settlements

128D-21 Citizen's suits

128D-22 Exemption from duplicative regulation

128D-23 Exemption from state and county permits


Part II. Voluntary Response Program

128D-31 General provisions

128D-32 Definitions

128D-33 Eligibility

128D-34 Application

128D-35 Denial of application

128D-36 Funding

128D-37 Oversight costs

128D-38 Exempt positions

128D-39 Letter of completion

128D-40 Exemption from liability

128D-41 Termination of voluntary response action




Chapter title amended by L 1990, c 298, pt of 18.


Cross References


Brownfields cleanup revolving loan fund, see 201-18.

Emergency response stockpile; exemption from laws and rules, see 321-441, 442.

Emergency use of private real property, see chapter 135.

Uniform environmental covenants act, see chapter 508C.

Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


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Environmental courts, jurisdiction over proceedings arising under this chapter, see 604A-2.


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