128B-1 Cybersecurity, economic, education, and infrastructure security coordinator; powers and duties. (a) There is established the full-time Hawaii cybersecurity, economic, education, and infrastructure security coordinator to oversee cybersecurity and cyber resiliency matters, including cybersecurity, economic, education, and infrastructure security for the State. The coordinator shall be placed within the state department of defense.

(b) The coordinator shall be selected by the state adjutant general based on the recommendations of the various agencies, departments, and private entities that will partner with the coordinator.

(c) The coordinator shall partner with representatives from the following entities:

(1) The Hawaii state fusion center;

(2) The Hawaii state cyber resiliency center;

(3) Federal government agencies;

(4) State government agencies;

(5) The counties of the State;

(6) Institutions of higher education; and

(7) Other entities within the power, water, communications, transportation, and finance sectors, including public utilities, private telecommunications companies, airlines, financial institutions, and private information technology companies.

(d) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the coordinator, through its various partnerships, shall develop the requirements and methods for:

(1) Improving cyber resiliency within the State through the development of a structure that shall include education, cybersecurity, and critical infrastructure protection;

(2) Improving the State's critical infrastructure network and resiliency, including identifying interdependencies of critical infrastructures, points of connection between critical infrastructures, the most critical nodes, and the cascading effects of a cyber-attack on these points of connection between critical infrastructure;

(3) Improving the State's cybersecurity by using existing resources within the State;

(4) Examining specific requirements and actions to accelerate the growth of the cybersecurity industry in the State;

(5) Defining the requirements and opportunities to secure state, federal, and private moneys for cybersecurity activities and related educational programs;

(6) Forming partnerships to implement cyber resiliency structures and protocol to identify and share information about possible cyber-attacks and mitigate damage and recover quickly and efficiently from cyber-attacks; and

(7) Expanding the State's cybersecurity and cyber resiliency understanding and workforce through education.

(e) The coordinator may request the assistance of other departments, agencies, and private companies, both inside and outside of the State to carry out its duties.

(f) For the purposes of this section:

"Coordinator" shall mean the Hawaii cybersecurity, economic, education, and infrastructure security coordinator.

"Cyber resiliency" shall mean the ability to complete vulnerability assessments, identify potential cyber-attacks, mitigate losses from cyber-attacks, and recover quickly and efficiently from cyber-attacks. [L 2014, c 129, 2; am L 2020, c 70, 3]



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