[§128A-4]  Homeland security responsibilities.  The director may:

     (1)  Prepare comprehensive plans and programs for homeland security and homeland defense; provided that these plans and programs shall be integrated and coordinated with the plans of the counties and the federal government to the fullest possible extent;

     (2)  Make studies and surveys of the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure and key resources in this State as may be necessary, and participate in planning for their protection;

     (3)  Develop and maintain a list of critical infrastructure, coordinating the list with the counties of the State, other state agencies, federal agencies (including the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security), the private sector, and other agencies and organizations as necessary;

     (4)  Develop and maintain a capability to process security-clearance applications for civilian workers of the state and county governments;

     (5)  Foster coordination on security matters with all nations of the Pacific region to the extent permitted under federal law, including but not limited to coordinating planning efforts, as appropriate; sponsoring discussions and seminars; and hosting periodic international conferences; and

     (6)  Solicit and manage funding, including but not limited to grants from the federal government, funds from other divisions in the department of defense and other state agencies, and funds to provide personnel support to the office of homeland security. [L 2013, c 175, pt of §2]



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