[128A-1] Policy and purpose. The legislature finds that because of the existing and increasing possibility of the occurrence of terrorist attacks of unprecedented size and destructiveness, in order to ensure that the State will be adequately prepared to deal with such attacks; preserve the lives and property of the people of the State; and protect the public peace, health, and safety, it is necessary to:

(1) Provide for homeland security by the State and to authorize the creation of organizations for homeland security in the counties of the State; and

(2) Provide programs, in coordination with county agencies, other state and federal agencies, and the private sector, to educate and train publicly and privately employed workers and the general public to be prepared for potential attacks.

The purpose of this chapter is to enact a homeland security law to provide for all homeland security functions of this State and its counties. [L 2013, c 175, pt of 2]



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