[§127A-22]  Determination of compensation.  (a)  Whenever the governor or mayor requisitions and takes over any property or the temporary use thereof, the owner, or other person entitled thereto, shall be paid as compensation for the property or use, such sum as the governor or mayor determines to be fair and just, within twenty days after it has been requisitioned and taken; provided that the compensation for temporary use may be paid in monthly or lesser installments.

     (b)  If any person is unwilling to accept, as full and complete compensation for the property or use thereof, the sum determined by the governor or mayor, the person shall be paid seventy-five per cent of the sum determined by the governor or mayor.  The person shall also be entitled to sue the State or county for such additional sum as, when added to the sum already received by the person, the person may consider fair and just compensation for such property or use, in the manner provided by chapter 661 for actions against the State and any other applicable chapter for actions against the county.  Any suit under this section shall be instituted within two years after the requisition in the case of the taking of real property in fee simple, or within one year after the requisition in all other cases, subject to sections 657-13 to 657-15, which are hereby made applicable to such a suit; except that no more than six months shall be allowed for the bringing of a suit after the appointment of a conservator of a person under disability, or the removal of the disability, or after the appointment of personal representatives.  Recovery shall be confined to the fair market value of the property or its fair rental value, as the case may be, without any allowance for prospective profits, or punitive or other damages.  Whenever the owner of property, or other person entitled to compensation on account of the requisitioning of property or the use thereof, is under a disability, or has died, and no conservator or personal representative has been appointed, the State, acting through the attorney general, may apply for the appointment of a conservator or for the appointment of a personal representative. [L 2014, c 111, pt of §2]



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