[127A-17] Allotments. (a) There shall be available for allotment by the governor under this chapter:

(1) Any moneys appropriated for the purposes of this chapter, or reappropriated pursuant to subsection (b) and any unexpended moneys appropriated for emergency management or disaster relief or administration thereof by any act, but only within the scope and purposes of the appropriations so made by the legislature;

(2) Contributions, as provided by section 127A-12; and

(3) The governor's contingent fund.

(b) Any sums realized under this chapter from the sale of property by the State, or from work performed, services rendered, or accommodations or facilities furnished by the State, or from insurance against damage or loss of property the premiums for which have been paid by the State under this chapter, shall be deemed to be trust funds for the purposes of this chapter and may be expended or allotted in the same manner as other appropriations made by or available for the purposes of this chapter.

(c) The governor may allot any moneys appropriated or available for the purposes of this chapter, to any agency, officer, or employee, created, appointed, or employed under this chapter, or to any government agency, officer, or employee of the State or a county, to whom powers or duties have been delegated pursuant to this chapter, to be expended in carrying out the provisions of this chapter, and in the case of county agencies, officers, or employees, to order the allotment paid over to be held, disbursed, and accounted for as other county funds or as the governor shall provide.

(d) In the event of a deficit in the general fund of the State, any appropriation made or available for the purposes of this chapter and needed for allotment under this chapter shall take priority over other appropriations from the general fund.

(e) Any appropriation made or available for the purposes of this chapter may be expended notwithstanding the existence of a specific or other appropriation for the same or a like purpose, and without prejudice to the expenditure of the other appropriation. The powers granted by this section are in addition to, and not restrictive of, the powers granted by any other section.

(f) Any order by the governor made pursuant to this section may be amended or revoked by the governor. [L 2014, c 111, pt of 2]



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