§127A-6  Emergency management reserve corps.  (a)  The administrator may establish an emergency management reserve corps comprising trained specialists to support state and county emergency, disaster, or day-to-day requirements.  The emergency management reserve corps may include:

     (1)  Any employee of the State or county;

     (2)  Any employee hired specifically for staffing during emergency, disaster, or day-to-day periods and exercises who shall be hired and compensated without regard to chapters 76, 78, and 88; and

     (3)  Any volunteer,

who shall be detailed in accordance with this chapter.  Emergency management reserve corps positions shall be authorized and managed by the agency and do not need the approval of the governor.

     (b)  The emergency management reserve corps shall support state emergency or disaster requirements and, if requested by a county emergency management agency, supplement the county emergency management agency staff.  The emergency management reserve corps may be mobilized during, or in advance of, emergencies or disasters, or for emergency management day-to-day activities.  Emergency management reserve corps members shall attend a minimum of forty hours of paid activities per year. [L 2014, c 111, pt of §2; am L 2019, c 78, §3]