127A-1 Policy and purpose

   127A-2 Definitions

   127A-3 Hawaii emergency management agency

   127A-4 Hawaii advisory council on emergency management

   127A-5 County emergency management agency

   127A-6 Emergency management reserve corps

   127A-7 State warning point

   127A-8 Status and rights of personnel

   127A-9 Immunities; rights

  127A-10 Political activity prohibited

  127A-11 Powers on whom conferred; delegation of powers

  127A-12 Emergency management powers, in general

  127A-13 Additional powers in an emergency period

  127A-14 State of emergency

  127A-15 Proclamations, how made; service of papers

  127A-16 Major disaster fund

  127A-17 Allotments

  127A-18 Mitigation of hazardous situations

  127A-19 Shelters

  127A-20 Immunity from liability of private shelter

  127A-21 Notice of requisition

  127A-22 Determination of compensation

  127A-23 Determination of damages

  127A-24 Investigations and surveys

  127A-25 Rules and orders

  127A-26 Forfeitures

  127A-27 Preliminary or interlocutory injunctions and

          temporary restraining orders

  127A-28 Enforcement of injunction proceedings; interventions

  127A-29 Misdemeanors

  127A-30 Rental or sale of essential commodities during a state

          of emergency; prohibition against price increases

  127A-31 Penalties prescribed by this chapter additional to

          other penalties

  127A-32 Effect of this chapter on other laws




  Pacific-Asia institute for resilience and sustainability.  L 2014, c 229.

  University of Hawaii sea grant college program; emergency management and disaster preparedness requirements.  L 2017, c 61.


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