Part I.  General Provisions


   124A-1 Definitions

   124A-2 Persons subject to this chapter

   124A-3 Jurisdiction to try certain personnel

   124A-4 Dismissal of commissioned officer

   124A-5 Territorial applicability of the chapter

   124A-6 Judge advocates and legal officers


        Part II.  Apprehension and Restraint

  124A-11 Apprehension

  124A-12 Apprehension of deserters

  124A-13 Imposition of restraint

  124A-14 Restraint of persons charged with offenses

  124A-15 Confinement in jails

  124A-16 Reports and receiving of prisoners

  124A-17 Punishment prohibited before trial

  124A-18 Delivery of offenders to civil authorities


        Part III.  Nonjudicial Punishment

  124A-21 Commanding officer's nonjudicial punishment


        Part IV.  Courts-Martial Jurisdiction

  124A-31 Courts-martial of state military forces not in federal

          service; composition; jurisdiction; powers and


  124A-32 Jurisdiction of courts-martial in general

  124A-33 Jurisdiction of general courts-martial

  124A-34 Jurisdiction of special courts-martial

  124A-35 Jurisdiction of summary courts-martial

  124A-36 Sentences of dismissal or dishonorable discharge to be

          approved by the governor

  124A-37 Complete record of proceedings and testimony if

          dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, or

          dismissal adjudged

  124A-38 Confinement instead of fine


        Part V.  Appointment and Composition of Courts-Martial

  124A-41 Who may convene general courts-martial

  124A-42 Special courts-martial of state military forces not in

          federal service; who may convene

  124A-43 Summary courts-martial of state military forces not in

          federal service; who may convene

  124A-44 Who may serve on courts-martial

  124A-45 Law officer of a general court-martial

  124A-46 Detail of trial counsel and defense counsel

  124A-47 Detail or employment of reporters and interpreters

  124A-48 Absent and additional members


        Part VI.  Pre-Trial Procedure

  124A-51 Charges and specifications

  124A-52 Compulsory self-incrimination prohibited

  124A-53 Investigation

  124A-54 Forwarding of charges

  124A-55 Advice of state judge advocate and reference for trial

  124A-56 Service of charges


        Part VII.  Trial Procedure

  124A-61 Governor to adopt rules

  124A-62 Unlawfully influencing action of court

  124A-63 Duties of trial counsel and defense counsel

  124A-64 Sessions

  124A-65 Continuances

  124A-66 Challenges

  124A-67 Oaths

  124A-68 Statute of limitations

  124A-69 Former jeopardy

  124A-70 Pleas of the accused

  124A-71 Opportunity to obtain witnesses and other evidence

  124A-72 Refusal to appear or testify

  124A-73 Contempts

  124A-74 Depositions

  124A-75 Admissibility of records of courts of inquiry

  124A-76 Voting and rulings

  124A-77 Number of votes required

  124A-78 Court to announce action

  124A-79 Record of trial


        Part VIII.  Sentences

  124A-81 Cruel and unusual punishments prohibited

  124A-82 Maximum limits

  124A-83 Effective date of sentences

  124A-84 Execution of confinement


        Part IX.  Review of Courts-Martial

  124A-91 Execution of sentence; suspension of sentence

  124A-92 Initial action on the record

  124A-93 General court-martial records; opinion by staff judge


  124A-94 Reconsideration and revision

  124A-95 Rehearings

  124A-96 Approval by the convening authority

  124A-97 Review of records; disposition

  124A-98 Error of law; lesser included offense

  124A-99 Review counsel

 124A-100 Vacation of suspension

 124A-101 Petition for a new trial

 124A-102 Remission and suspension

 124A-103 Restoration

 124A-104 Finality of proceedings, findings, and sentences

 124A-105 Judicial review


        Part X.  Punitive Articles

 124A-111 Persons to be tried or punished; offenses subject to

          jurisdiction; conflicts over jurisdiction with civil

          authority or courts

 124A-112 Principals

 124A-113 Accessory after the fact

 124A-114 Conviction of lesser included offense

 124A-115 Attempts

 124A-116 Conspiracy

 124A-117 Solicitation

 124A-118 Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation

 124A-119 Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation

 124A-120 Desertion

 124A-121 Absence without leave

 124A-122 Missing movement

 124A-123 Contempt towards officials

 124A-124 Disrespect towards superior commissioned officer

 124A-125 Assaulting or wilfully disobeying superior

          commissioned officer

 124A-126 Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer,

          noncommissioned officer, or petty officer

 124A-127 Failure to obey order or regulation

 124A-128 Cruelty and maltreatment

 124A-129 Mutiny or sedition

 124A-130 Resistance, breach of arrest, and escape

 124A-131 Releasing prisoner without proper authority

 124A-132 Unlawful detention of another

 124A-133 Noncompliance with procedural rules

 124A-134 Misbehavior before the enemy

 124A-135 Subordinate compelling surrender

 124A-136 Improper use of countersign

 124A-137 Forcing a safeguard

 124A-138 Captured or abandoned property

 124A-139 Aiding the enemy

 124A-140 Misconduct of a prisoner

 124A-141 False official statements

 124A-142 Military property; loss, damage, destruction, or

          wrongful disposition

 124A-143 Property other than military property; waste,

          spoilage, or destruction

 124A-144 Improper hazarding of vessel

 124A-145 Drunken or reckless driving

 124A-146 Drunk on duty; sleeping on post; leaving post before


 124A-147 Dueling

 124A-148 Malingering

 124A-149 Riot or breach of peace

 124A-150 Provoking speeches or gestures

 124A-151 Perjury

 124A-152 Frauds against the government

 124A-153 Larceny and wrongful appropriation

 124A-154 Conduct unbecoming an officer

 124A-155 General article


        Part XI.  Miscellaneous Provisions

 124A-161 Courts of inquiry

 124A-162 Authority to administer oaths

 124A-163 Military justice training

 124A-164 Complaints of wrongs

 124A-165 Redress of injuries to property

 124A-166 Execution of process and sentence

 124A-167 Process of military courts

 124A-168 Payment of fines and disposition thereof

 124A-169 Immunity for action of military courts or nonjudicial


 124A-170 Presumption of jurisdiction

 124A-171 Delegation of authority by the governor; rulemaking

          authority of governor

 124A-172 Uniformity of interpretation


Cross References


  Civil relief for state military forces, see chapter 657D.


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