123-3 Commander in chief; powers of. The governor as commander in chief of the militia of the State, may prescribe the organization for the naval militia of the State, in such manner and form as to make the organization conform to the requirements for the naval militia under the laws of the United States. For that purpose the governor may alter, divide, annex, consolidate, disband, organize, or recognize the whole or any unit or part of the naval militia, so as to conform to any organization system, drill, instruction, or discipline which may be prescribed by law for the organization, government and discipline of the naval militia of the United States, and for that purpose the number of commissioned, warrant or petty officers, of any grade or rating in any organization of the naval militia, may be increased or diminished, and the designation and grade or rating of any officers may be altered to the extent necessary to secure uniformity. [L 1915, c 151, 3; RL 1925, 273; RL 1935, 7862; RL 1945, 13082; RL 1955, 354-3; HRS 123-3; gen ch 1985]


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