121-1 Militia. The militia of the State shall consist of every resident able-bodied citizen of the United States who is seventeen years old or older and under forty-six years of age and all other able-bodied residents of that age who have declared their intention to become citizens of the United States. The militia shall be composed of four classes:

(1) The federally organized and recognized national guard,

(2) The remainder of the organized militia to be known as the Hawaii state defense force,

(3) The naval militia,

(4) The unorganized militia.

The unorganized militia shall consist of those members of the militia who are not members of the national guard, the naval militia, or the state defense force. The unorganized militia shall be subject to active military duty only when called or ordered into the service of the State for such period as is required. They may be assigned to existing organizations of the Hawaii national guard, the naval militia, or the state defense force, or otherwise as the exigencies require. [L 1967, c 196, pt of 1; HRS 121-1; am L 1969, c 15, 1(a); am L 1988, c 135, 1]


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Department of defense, generally, see 26-21.


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