121 Militia; National Guard

122 Hawaii State Guard--Repealed

122A Hawaii State Defense Force

123 Naval Militia

124 Military Courts-Martial--Repealed

124A Hawaii Code of Military Justice

125 Procurement and Control of Distribution of Necessary


125C Procurement, Control, Distribution and Sale of

Petroleum Products

126 Federal Flood Insurance

127 Disaster Relief--Repealed

127A Emergency Management

128 Civil Defense and Emergency Act--Repealed

128A Homeland Security

128B Cybersecurity

128D Environmental Response Law

128E Hawaii Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-

Know Act

128F Emergency Management Assistance Compact

129 Blackouts and Illumination Control--Repealed

130 Emergency Seat of Government

131 Commission on Subversive Activities--Repealed

132 Fire Protection

132C Reduced Ignition Propensity Cigarettes Law

132D Fireworks

133 Combustibles--Repealed

134 Firearms, Ammunition and Dangerous Weapons

134C Gun Violence and Violent Crimes Commission

135 Emergency Use of Private Real Property

136 Laser Pointing Devices

137 Search and Rescue Reimbursement Act

138 Enhanced 911 Services

139 Law Enforcement Standards




Military presence in Hawaii; memorandum of understanding. L 2012, c 65.

Pacific-Asia institute for resilience and sustainability. L 2014, c 229.


Cross References


Hawaii medal of honor, see 5-22.

Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children, see chapter 311D.

Public safety department, see chapter 353C.

Uniform military and overseas voters act, see chapter 15D.






121-1 Militia

121-2 Exemptions

121-3 Government employees

121-4 Composition

121-5 Command

121-6 Organization and reorganization of units

121-7 Adjutant general; appointment

121-8 Adjutant general; rank, salary

121-9 Adjutant general; duties

121-10 Administration

121-10.5 Prisoner of war and missing in action designations

121-11 Deputy adjutant general

121-12 Staff for military components, organization

121-13 Commissioned by commander in chief

121-14 Officers and warrant officers; qualifications,

appointment, tenure

121-15 Commissioned and warrant officers; transfer to

inactive list, retirement, separation

121-16 Examination of officers and warrant officers

121-17 Resignations

121-18 Retired list

121-19 Regulations governing armories, etc.

121-20 Enlistment

121-21 Discharge

121-22 Warrants of noncommissioned officers

121-23 Oath required

121-24 Oaths and affirmations; false swearing; perjury

121-25 Exemption from arrest and service

121-26 Relief from civil or criminal liability

121-27 Dishonorable discharge, effect

121-28 Report for service, drills, and exercises

121-29 Active service

121-30 Order to active service

121-31 Hawaii Code of Military Justice to apply

121-32 Repealed

121-33 Interference by civilian, penalty

121-34 Right-of-way on street, violation, and penalty

121-34.5 Use of electric guns

121-35 Property of State

121-36 Responsibility for property

121-37 Failure to return arms, etc.

121-38 Wearing of uniform for private purposes

121-39 Pay of officers and warrant officers while on

active duty

121-40 Pay of enlisted personnel while on active duty

121-41 Repealed

121-42 No pay without orders

121-43 Nonforfeiture for absence

121-44 Youth challenge program

121-45 Tuition assistance for Hawaii national guard personnel

to attend the University of Hawaii


Cross References


Civil relief for state military forces, see chapter 657D.

Hawaii medal of honor, see 5-22.

Interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children, see chapter 311D.

Vehicle weight tax exemption for active duty personnel, see 249-6.5.

Uniform military and overseas voters act, see chapter 15D.


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