Part I.  General Provisions


    103D-101 Requirements of ethical public procurement

    103D-102 Application of this chapter

    103D-103 Retention of written determinations

    103D-104 Definitions

  103D-104.5 Agricultural products subject to this chapter

    103D-105 Public access to procurement information

    103D-106 Penalties

    103D-107 Compliance audit unit; establishment and purpose

    103D-108 Compliance audit unit; duties and responsibilities

    103D-109 Compliance audit unit; government officers and

             employees to cooperate

    103D-110 Education and training

    103D-111 Applicability of chapter 103


           Part II.  Procurement Organization

    103D-201 Creation and membership of the procurement policy


    103D-202 Authority and duties of the policy board

    103D-203 Chief procurement officers

    103D-204 Establishment of the state procurement office;


    103D-205 Authority and duties of the chief procurement


    103D-206 Additional duties of the administrator of the

             procurement office

    103D-207 Centralization of procurement authority

    103D-208 Delegation of authority by the chief procurement


    103D-209 Authority to contract for certain services

    103D-210 Repealed

    103D-211 Procurement rules

    103D-212 Collection of data concerning public procurement

    103D-213 Procurement advisory groups

    103D-214 Repealed


           Part III.  Source Selection and Contract Formation

    103D-301 Methods of source selection

    103D-302 Competitive sealed bidding

    103D-303 Competitive sealed proposals

  103D-303.5 Pre-bid conference

    103D-304 Procurement of professional services

    103D-305 Small purchases; prohibition against parceling

    103D-306 Sole source procurement

    103D-307 Emergency procurements

    103D-308 Cancellation of invitations for bids or requests

             for proposals

    103D-309 Contract not binding unless funds available

    103D-310 Responsibility of offerors

    103D-311 Prequalification of suppliers

    103D-312 Fair and reasonable pricing policy; cost or

             pricing data

    103D-313 Types of contracts

    103D-314 Approval of accounting system

    103D-315 Multi-term contracts

    103D-316 Right to inspect plant

    103D-317 Right to audit records

    103D-318 Finality of determinations

    103D-319 Reporting of anticompetitive practices

    103D-320 Retention of procurement records

    103D-321 Repealed

    103D-322 Multiple awards

    103D-323 Bid security

    103D-324 Contract performance and payment bonds

    103D-325 Bond forms and copies

    103D-326 Fiscal responsibility

    103D-327 Safety and health programs for construction

    103D-328 Tax clearances; setoff for due and unpaid taxes

    103D-329 Past performance database


           Part IV.  Specifications

    103D-401 Duties of the policy board

    103D-402 Duties of the chief procurement officer

    103D-403 Exempted items

    103D-404 Relationship with using agencies

    103D-405 Maximum practicable competition

    103D-406 Specifications prepared by architects and


    103D-407 Construction projects, roadway materials; recycled

             glass content requirements

    103D-408 Hawaiian plants; use in public landscaping

    103D-409 Provisions for pollution control

    103D-410 Energy efficiency through life-cycle costing

    103D-411 Value engineering clauses

    103D-412 Motor vehicle requirements


           Part V.  Modification and Termination of Contracts

    103D-501 Contract clauses and their administration


           Part VI.  Cost Principles

    103D-601 Cost principles rules required


           Part VII.  Legal and Contractual Remedies

    103D-701 Authority to resolve protested solicitations and


  103D-701.5 Procurement statistics

    103D-702 Authority to debar or suspend

    103D-703 Authority to resolve contract and breach of

             contract controversies

  103D-703.5 Settlement of default by contractor

    103D-704 Exclusivity of remedies

    103D-705 Solicitations or awards in violation of law

    103D-706 Remedies prior to an award

    103D-707 Remedies after an award

    103D-708 Interest

    103D-709 Administrative proceedings for review

    103D-710 Judicial review

    103D-711 Judicial action

    103D-712 Time limitations on actions

    103D-713 Defense of a governmental body


           Part VIII.  Governmental Relations and

                       Cooperative Purchasing

    103D-801 Definitions

    103D-802 Cooperative purchasing authorized

    103D-803 Sale, acquisition, or use of goods by a public

             procurement unit

    103D-804 Cooperative use of goods or services

    103D-805 Joint use of facilities

    103D-806 Supply of personnel, information, and technical


    103D-807 Use of payments received by a supplying public

             procurement unit

    103D-808 Public procurement units in compliance with

             requirements of this chapter

    103D-809 Review of procurement requirements

    103D-810 Contract controversies


           Part IX.  Assistance to Small Businesses

    103D-901 Definitions

    103D-902 Small business assistance

    103D-903 Duties of the chief procurement officer

    103D-904 Geographic bidding

    103D-905 Repealed

    103D-906 Preference for small businesses; set-asides;

             use as subcontractors


           Part X.  Preferences

   103D-1001 Definitions

   103D-1001.5 Application of this part

   103D-1002 Hawaii products

 103D-1002.5 Failure to adequately verify, deliver, or supply

             Hawaii products

   103D-1003 Printing, binding, and stationery work

   103D-1004 Reciprocity

   103D-1005 Recycled products

   103D-1006 Software development businesses

   103D-1007 Repealed

   103D-1008 Taxpayer preference

   103D-1009 Preference for qualified community

             rehabilitation programs

   103D-1010 Purchases from qualified community

             rehabilitation programs

   103D-1011 Qualified community rehabilitation program;

             proposal to provide goods and services

   103D-1012 Biofuel preference


          Part XI.  Federal and State Surplus Property

   103D-1101 Definitions

   103D-1102 State agency for surplus property

   103D-1103 Authority and duties

   103D-1104 Delegation of authority; bond

   103D-1105 Authorized donee representatives

    103D-1106 Transfer charges

   103D-1107 Revolving fund


           Part XII.  Inventory Management; State and County


   103D-1201 Definitions

   103D-1202 Rules

   103D-1203 Administrator of the state procurement office;


   103D-1204 Others' responsibilities

   103D-1205 Internal control

   103D-1206 Annual inventory reporting by state officers

   103D-1207 Annual inventory reporting by county mayors to

             administrator of the state procurement office

   103D-1208 Annual inventory reporting by county officers to


   103D-1209 Authority to withhold salary

   103D-1210 Penalty; jurisdiction

   103D-1211 Forms for annual inventory return

   103D-1212 Duties of the State and county

   103D-1213 Sale of produce, etc.; disposition of proceeds;


   103D-1214 Proceeds


           Part XIII.  Preference for Oil Products with

                       Greater Recycled Content

   103D-1301 Short title

   103D-1302 Definitions

   103D-1303 Preference for oil products with greater recycled


   103D-1304 Affirmative program for procuring oils with

             recycled content




  Procurement services consolidation working group; reports to 2023-2024 legislature (dissolved on June 30, 2024).  L 2022, c 282, §2.

  Training program on government procurement for nonprofit organizations that offer homeless outreach services or manage homeless housing programs in rural areas of the State.  L 2019, c 162, §2.


Cross References


  Access Hawaii committee (management of State's internet portal), see chapter 27G.

  Employment of state residents on construction procurement contracts, see chapter 103B.

  International trade agreements, approval of procurement provisions, see chapter 489M.

  Parental preference in government contract and services, see §577-7.5.


Attorney General Opinions


  The State's acceptance of gifts is not subject to the procurement code; the procurement code applies to only contracts for the purchase of goods, services, or construction.  Att. Gen. Op. 16-2.

  The Code did not apply to board of trustees of deferred compensation plan's current administrator and investment-product-provider contracts because they were entered into before the Code's July 1, 1994 effective date.  The Code would apply to contracts entered into after that date if "public funds" are used to fund them.  Att. Gen. Op. 94-4.


Law Journals and Reviews


  Emerging Trends in International, Federal, and State and Local Government Procurement in an Era of Global Economic Stimulus Funding.  32 UH L. Rev. 29.


Case Notes


  Procurement code was not relevant to employer's claim for breach of duty of loyalty. 338 F.3d 1082.

  Under the express terms of §103D-709(c), petitioner could not seek review of the chief procurement officer’s decision on a chapter 103F health and human services contract pursuant to this chapter unless the protest was decided under one of the sections listed in §103D-709(c); §103D-709(c) thus foreclosed petitioner from seeking review of the chief procurement officer’s decision made pursuant to §103F-501 under the procedures of §103D-709.  127 H. 76, 276 P.3d 645 (2012).

  Where plaintiffs had no standing, as a labor union and subcontractor, to invoke the provisions of this code because they were neither contractors nor bidders for the contract in question, and neither this code nor chapter 444 authorized the circuit court to grant the remedies plaintiffs sought, and the court was presented with no other basis for granting the requested relief, the court correctly dismissed the suit.  121 H. 182 (App.), 216 P.3d 108.