115-5 Beach transit corridor defined. (a) The right of transit shall exist seaward of the shoreline and this area shall be defined as a beach transit corridor. For purposes of this section, "shoreline" shall have the same meaning as in section 205A-1.

However, in areas of cliffs or areas where the nature of the topography is such that there is no reasonably safe transit for the public along the shoreline below the private property lines, the counties by condemnation may establish along the makai boundaries of the property lines public transit corridors which shall be not less than six feet wide.

(b) Along beach transit corridors where the abutting landowner's human-induced, enhanced, or unmaintained vegetation interferes or encroaches with beach transit corridors, the department of land and natural resources may require the abutting landowner to remove the landowner's interfering or encroaching vegetation. [L 1974, c 244, 5; am L 2010, c 160, 3]




The source note to this section is supplemented by "am L 2010, c 160, 7; am L 2013, c 120, 4".



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