§107-27  Design of state buildings.  (a)  No later than one year after the adoption of codes or standards pursuant to section 107-24(c), the design of all state building construction shall be in compliance with the Hawaii state building codes, except state building construction shall be allowed to be exempted from:

     (1)  County codes that have not adopted the Hawaii state building codes;

     (2)  Any county code amendments that are inconsistent with the minimum performance objectives of the Hawaii state building codes or the objectives enumerated in this part; or

     (3)  Any county code amendments that are contrary to code amendments adopted by another county.

     (b)  Exemptions shall include county ordinances allowing the exercise of indigenous Hawaiian architecture adopted in accordance with section 46-1.55.

     (c)  The State shall consider hurricane resistant criteria when designing and constructing new public schools for the capability of providing shelter refuge.

     (d)  Beginning July 1, 2023, where feasible and cost-effective, the design of all new state building construction shall:

     (1)  Maximize energy and water efficiency measures;

     (2)  Maximize energy generation potential; and

     (3)  Use building materials that reduce the carbon footprint of the project. [L 2007, c 82, pt of §2; am L 2014, c 164, §8; am L 2017, c 141, §3; am L 2018, c 84, §1; am L 2022, c 239, §3]




  Act 84, Session Laws of Hawaii 2018, which established subsection (c), held unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Hawaii on November 4, 2021, SCAP-19-0000372.