§107-22  State building code council.  (a)  There is established a state building code council.  The council shall be placed within the department of accounting and general services for administrative purposes only.  The council shall consist of twelve voting members and one nonvoting member, who shall be the comptroller or the comptroller's designee.  The council members shall serve four-year terms.  The voting members shall include:

     (1)  One county building official from each of the four counties appointed by the mayor;

     (2)  One member representing the state fire council;

     (3)  One member representing the department of labor and industrial relations, who has significant experience in elevator safety;

     (4)  One member representing the Hawaii state energy office of the department of business, economic development, and tourism;

     (5)  One member representing the Hawaii emergency management agency, appointed by the director of Hawaii emergency management;

     (6)  One member representing the Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii;

     (7)  One member representing the American Institute of Architects, Hawaii State Council;

     (8)  One member representing the Building Industry Association of Hawaii or the General Contractors Association of Hawaii, who has significant experience with building codes, with alternating four-year terms between the two organizations and the first four-year term to be served by the Building Industry Association of Hawaii; and

     (9)  One member representing the Subcontractors' Association of Hawaii, who has significant experience with building codes.

     (b)  Seven voting members shall constitute a quorum.  The chairperson of the council shall be elected annually from among its members by a majority vote of the members of the council.

     (c)  Members shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for expenses, including travel expenses necessary for the performance of their duties. [L 2007, c 82, pt of §2; am L 2014, c 164, §3; am L 2023, c 184, §1]