Part I.  General Provisions


    107-1 Management of internal improvements

  107-1.5 Public works project assessment fund

    107-2 Surveys, maps, etc., lands, harbors, etc.

    107-3 Powers and duties of the department of accounting and

          general services

    107-4 Duties of counties relating to maps, surveyors,


    107-5 Costs, fees and charges

    107-6 Standards prescribed by department

    107-7 Assistance of private employees authorized

    107-8 Repealed

    107-9 Appraisers of property, number

   107-10 Acquiring of real property; prior approval

   107-11 Parking; control by comptroller


       Part II.  State Building Code and Design Standards

   107-21 Definitions

   107-22 State building code council

   107-23 Executive director and executive assistant; council


   107-24 Authority and duties of the council

   107-25 Hawaii state building codes; requirements

   107-26 Hawaii state building codes; prohibitions

   107-27 Design of state buildings

   107-28 County authority to amend and adopt the Hawaii state

          building codes without council approval

   107-29 Rules

   107-30 Annual report

   107-31 State building code; compliance


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