[103F-502] Right to request reconsideration. (a) A request for reconsideration of a decision of the head of the purchasing agency under section 103F-501 shall be submitted to the chief procurement officer not later than five working days after the receipt of the written decision, and shall contain a specific statement of the factual and legal grounds upon which reversal or modification is sought.

(b) A request for reconsideration may be made only to correct a purchasing agency's failure to comply with section 103F-402 or 103F-403, rules adopted to implement the sections, or a request for proposal, if applicable.

(c) The chief procurement officer may uphold the previous decision of the head of the purchasing agency or reopen the protest as deemed appropriate.

(d) A decision under subsection (c) shall be final and conclusive. [L 1997, c 190, pt of 2]


Case Notes


As nothing in this chapter expressly precluded judicial review, it did not violate the separation of powers doctrine; judicial review was available in connection with chapter 103F by way of a declaratory action under 632-1. 127 H. 76, 276 P.3d 645 (2012).

Under the circumstances of the case, the decisions of the administrative officers of the department of education to reject the proposal of petitioner that responded to a request for proposals to provide health and human services under contracts pursuant to this chapter were subject to judicial review; 103F-501 and 103F-504 and subsection (c) do not prohibit judicial review. 127 H. 263, 277 P.3d 988 (2012).



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