[103F-406] Crisis purchase of services. (a) The head of a purchasing agency may contract to purchase health and human services essential to meet a crisis by means other than specified in this chapter if:

(1) The crisis results from domestic violence, physical or mental illness or injury, homelessness, lack of food, or such other reason, and seriously threatens life, the health, or the safety of any person; and

(2) The crisis generates an immediate and serious need for health or human services which cannot be met through services available from the departments of health or human services, or under other provisions of this chapter.

(b) The crisis purchase of services shall be made with such competition as is practicable under the circumstances and, where practicable, approval from the chief procurement officer shall be obtained prior to the purchase. A written determination of the need to make a crisis purchase, and the reasons for selecting the provider shall be included in the contract file. [L 1997, c 190, pt of 2]


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