103F-301 Powers and duties of the administrator. The administrator of the state procurement office shall carry out the following duties:

(1) Assist, advise, and guide state agencies in matters relating to planning and purchasing health and human services;

(2) Establish and maintain a central health and human services contracts database;

(3) Develop and administer a statewide orientation and training program for purchasing agency employees, provider organization employees, and all other interested parties on all matters relating to carrying out the purposes of this chapter;

(4) Develop, distribute, and maintain a health and human service procurement manual for all state procurement officials;

(5) Develop, distribute, and maintain a procurement guide for health and human service vendors wishing to do business with the State;

(6) Perform periodic review of the procurement practices of all governmental bodies which purchase health and human services;

(7) Contract for such services as may be necessary for the purposes of this chapter; and

(8) Establish and fill such positions as may be necessary to carry out the functions of this chapter, without regard to chapters 76 and 89. [L 1997, c 190, pt of 2; am L 2002, c 148, 10]


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