[103F-201] Interagency committee on purchase of health and human services. The administrator shall establish an interagency committee on purchase of health and human services comprised of heads of purchasing agencies or their designated representatives. Staff shall be provided by the state procurement office. The interagency committee shall assist the administrator in:

(1) Securing input from providers to facilitate agency decision-making to assess needs, plan, budget, and purchase health and human services;

(2) Establishing schedules for planning and purchasing health and human services in relation to the annual and biennial budget cycles;

(3) Developing criteria to evaluate proposals to provide health and human services, and for restrictive purchases under section 103F-403; and

(4) Meeting the needs of purchasing agencies and providers for education and training to improve planning for or purchasing of health and human services. [L 1997, c 190, pt of 2]


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