[103D-1303] Preference for oil products with greater recycled content. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, any procurement officer that purchases lubricating oil and industrial oil under this [part] shall purchase the oil from the seller who certifies the oil product containing the greatest percentage of recycled oil. The procurement office may purchase an oil product containing a lower percentage of recycled oil provided that the specific oil product containing recycled oil is:

(1) Not available within a reasonable period of time or in quantities necessary to meet an agency's needs;

(2) Not able to meet the performance requirements or standards recommended by the equipment or vehicle manufacturer, including any warranty requirements;

(3) Available only at a cost greater than the cost of comparable virgin oil products; or

(4) Likely to breach an existing warranty that requires the purchase of virgin oil products for exclusive use in vehicles or equipment whose warranties expressly prohibit the use of products containing recycled oil. [L 1999, c 53, pt of 2]


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