[103D-1302] Definitions. As used in this part:

"Industrial oil" means any compressor, turbine, or bearing oil, hydraulic oil, metal working oil or refrigeration oil.

"Lubricating oil" means any oil intended for use in an internal combustion crankcase, transmission, gearbox or differential or an automobile, bus, truck, vessel, plane, train, heavy equipment, or machinery powered by an internal combustion engine.

"Procuring agency" means any state or county agency or any person contracting with that agency in respect to work performed under a contract for lubricating oil, industrial oil or involves the use of lubricating oil or industrial oil.

"Recycled oil" means used oil that has been prepared for reuse as a petroleum product by refining, reclaiming, reprocessing or other means provided that the preparation or use is operationally safe, environmentally sound and complies with all laws, rules, and regulations.

"Virgin oil" means oil which has been refined from crude oil and which has not been used or contaminated with impurities. [L 1999, c 53, pt of 2]


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