103D-1201 Definitions. As used in this part, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:

"Administrator of the state procurement office" means the chief procurement officer for the governmental bodies of the executive branch of the State, other than the University of Hawaii, department of education, the several counties, and those governmental bodies administratively attached thereto.

"Excess property" means any property which has a remaining useful life but which is no longer required by the using agency in possession of the property.

"Expendable property" means all property other than nonexpendable property.

"Nonexpendable property" means all property having a unit cost and useful life which is set by rules adopted by the policy board.

"Property" means all goods, including equipment, materials, supplies, land, buildings, and other improvements to the land, also non-tangible items such as patents, inventions, and copyrights.

"Surplus property" means any property that no longer has any use to the State. "Surplus property" includes obsolete, scrap, and nonexpendable property that has completed its useful life cycle. [L 1994, c 186, pt of 1; am L 1997, c 352, 23]


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