103D-1103 Authority and duties. The state procurement office may:

(1) Acquire from the United States under and in conformance with section 203(j) of the Federal Property and Administration Services Act of 1949, as amended, hereinafter referred to as the "Federal Act", any personal property under the control of any executive agency of the United States which has been determined to be surplus property under the Federal Act, warehouse the property, and distribute the property within the State to eligible recipients, as set forth in the Federal Act;

(2) Receive applications from eligible health and educational institutions for the acquisition of federal and state surplus personal property, investigate, review, make recommendations and otherwise assist, supervise, and direct the processing of these applications for acquisition of federal personal property of the United States under section 203(k) of the Federal Act and state personal property under rules adopted by the policy board;

(3) Appoint advisory boards or committees;

(4) Take any action including making certifications, expenditures, contracts, agreements, and other undertakings, necessary in connection with the disposal of personal property hereunder;

(5) Act as a clearinghouse of information for the eligible recipients referred to in paragraph (1) and other public and private nonprofit institutions, organizations, and agencies eligible to acquire federal or state surplus personal property; locate personal property available for acquisition from the United States or state agencies; ascertain the terms and conditions under which the property may be obtained; receive requests from eligible recipients, institutions, organizations, agencies, and counties and transmit to them all available information in reference to the property; and assist eligible recipients, institutions, organizations, agencies, and counties in every way possible in the consummation of acquisitions or transactions hereunder;

(6) Cooperate to the fullest extent, consistent with the provisions of the Federal Act, with the departments or agencies of the United States; file a state plan of operation, operate in accordance therewith, and take any action that may be necessary to meet the minimum standards prescribed in the Federal Act; make any reports that the United States may from time to time require; and comply with the laws and regulations of the United States governing the allocation, transfer, use, or accounting for property donated or to be donated to the State;

(7) Purchase from any other state the services of the agency responsible for the distribution of surplus property and sell to any other state the services of the state procurement office to ensure and promote the effective administration of this chapter and of the surplus property program. The purchase or sale of services shall be made on a fee-for-service or other equitable and reasonable basis; provided that the fee or other basis of payment for services purchased or sold shall be computed to include the costs of salaries, travel, supplies, and equipment and any other item properly related to the cost of the service; and

(8) Make certifications, take action, make expenditures, and enter into contracts and undertakings for and in the name of the State (including cooperative agreements with any federal agencies providing for utilization by and exchange between them of the property, facilities, personnel, and services of each by the other), require reports and make investigations that the agency may deem necessary or proper for the administration of this part, or that may be required by law or regulation of the United States in connection with the disposal of real property and the receipt, warehousing, and distribution of personal property received by the agency from the United States. [L 1994, c 186, pt of 1; am L 1997, c 352, 23]


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