[103D-1010] Purchases from qualified community rehabilitation programs. (a) Any governmental body, without advertising or calling for bids, may purchase goods or services provided by qualified community rehabilitation programs serving persons with disabilities that have indicated an interest in supplying the goods or services and on an equitable basis may apportion the business among the interested programs; provided that the goods and services meet the specifications and needs of the purchasing agency and are purchased at a fair market price as determined by the appropriate public agency; and provided further that the programs comply with the following:

(1) Meet all of the requirements of a qualified community rehabilitation program under section 103D-1001; and

(2) Maintain a disabled to non-disabled employee ratio equal to or in excess of three-to-one for work hours of direct labor at all times on the work contracted.

(b) The purchasing agency shall:

(1) Receive and review proposals submitted by qualified community rehabilitation programs to provide goods or services and determine if they are suitable for purchase by the agency;

(2) Negotiate the conditions and terms for the purchase, including the price of the offer, between the agency and the qualified community rehabilitation program; provided that the price of the offer shall not exceed the fair market price and there is assurance that the qualified community rehabilitation program proposal is in compliance with all administrative rules related to purchasing; and

(3) Ensure that any goods or service purchased from a qualified community rehabilitation program shall not be placed on the Hawaii products list under section 103D-1002. [L 1999, c 149, pt of 3]


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