103D-705 Solicitations or awards in violation of law. The provisions of section 103D-706 and section 103D‑707 apply where it is determined by the chief procurement officer or a designee under section 103D-701 or 103D-703 or where it is determined administratively under section 103D-709, or upon judicial review under section 103D-710 or judicial action under section 103D-711, that a solicitation or award of a contract is in violation of the law. [L Sp 1993, c 8, pt of 2; am L 1999, c 162, 4]


Case Notes


Where, if after award of contract, chief procurement officer finds no violation of law, but after de novo review pursuant to 103D-709, hearings officer finds otherwise, this section requires hearings officer to determine whether to ratify or terminate contract as provided in 103D-707(1)(A) and (B). 85 H. 431, 946 P.2d 1.


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