[103D-410] Energy efficiency through life-cycle costing. (a) The procurement practices of the State shall include energy efficient standards and policies, including life-cycle costing.

(b) In implementing life-cycle costing, the purchasing agency shall be guided by energy efficiency standards and policies for purchasing various items developed and promulgated by the United States Department of Energy and other federal agencies, and nationally recognized trade associations, including but not limited to the National Association of State Purchasing Officials, the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc., the National Association of Purchasing Management, and the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute. The purchasing agency shall notify bidders of information, procedures, and forms required in implementing energy efficiency standards and policies. The information required shall include purchasing standards and policies developed by federal agencies and by nationally recognized agencies and associations, as well as energy consumption and life-cycle cost data.

(c) The purchasing agency shall consider purchasing via the life-cycle costing method those classes of items for which nationally recognized energy efficiency data have been developed. These items shall include but not be limited to automobiles and air conditioning systems. The watt-saving variety of common-sized fluorescent lamps shall be purchased except where standard wattage of those lamps is specifically required by the using agency. [L 1999, c 149, pt of 2]


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