§103D-206  Additional duties of the administrator of the procurement office.  In addition to the duties referred to in section 103D-205, the administrator shall:

     (1)  Perform periodic review of the procurement practices and procedures of all governmental bodies, in collaboration with the state procurement policy board, for compliance with the procurement code;

     (2)  Assist, advise, and guide governmental bodies in matters relating to procurement;

     (3)  Determine corrective actions; provided that if a  procurement officer under the jurisdiction of the administrator of the state procurement office or a chief procurement officer of any of the other state entities under section 103D-203, fails to comply with any determination rendered by the administrator within thirty days from the date of the issuance of the determination, or longer if permitted by the administrator upon request by the procurement officer or a chief procurement officer, the procurement officer or chief procurement officer shall be subject to an administrative fine under section 103D-106, for every day of noncompliance;

     (4)  Develop and administer a statewide procurement orientation and training program;

     (5)  Develop, distribute, and maintain a procurement manual for all state procurement officials;

     (6)  Develop, distribute, and maintain a procurement guide for vendors wishing to do business with the State and its counties; and

     (7)  Develop and administer procurement automation systems, including methods to assess, charge, and collect a transaction fee for the use of the procurement automation systems to cover procurement automation system costs. [L Sp 1993, c 8, pt of §2; am L 2003, c 52, §3; am L 2005, c 166, §3; am L 2008, c 203, §1; am L 2016, c 253, §3; am L 2022, c 176, §3]


Cross References


  Procurement institute, see §304A-1352.