103D-205 Authority and duties of the chief procurement officer. (a) For their respective jurisdictions and unless otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, each chief procurement officer shall serve as the central procurement officer for the officer's respective jurisdiction and:

(1) Procure or supervise the procurement of all goods, services, and construction;

(2) Exercise general supervision and control over all inventories of goods;

(3) Sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of surplus goods;

(4) Establish and maintain programs for the inspection, testing, and acceptance of goods, services, and construction;

(5) Coordinate with the administrator regarding procurement policies, opportunities for statewide innovation implementation, and concerns;

(6) Report procurement contract data pursuant to requirements established by the administrator, in the form and manner prescribed by the state procurement office; and

(7) Assist and cooperate with the administrator regarding any compliance review by the administrator pursuant to section 103D-206.

(b) Consistent with the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted by the policy board to implement its provisions, the chief procurement officers may adopt operational procedures to assist in the performance of these duties and responsibilities. [L Sp 1993, c 8, pt of 2; am L 1997, c 352, 23; am L 2015, c 181, 1; am L 2016, c 253, 2]



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