103D-201 Creation and membership of the procurement policy board. (a) There is hereby created an autonomous state procurement policy board. The policy board shall be assigned, for administrative purposes only, to the department of accounting and general services.

(b) The policy board shall consist of seven members. Notwithstanding the limitations of section 78-4, the members of the board shall include:

(1) The comptroller;

(2) A county employee with significant high-level procurement experience; and

(3) Five persons who shall not otherwise be full-time employees of the State or any county; provided that at least one member shall be a certified professional in the field of procurement, at least one member shall have significant high-level, federal procurement experience, and at least two members shall have significant experience in the field of health and human services.

Each appointed member shall have demonstrated sufficient business or professional experience to discharge the functions of the policy board. The initial and subsequent members of the policy board, other than the comptroller, shall be appointed by the governor from a list of three individuals for each vacant position, submitted by a nominating committee composed of four individuals chosen as follows: two persons appointed by the governor; one person appointed by the president of the senate; and one person appointed by the speaker of the house. Except as provided in this section, the selection and terms of the policy board members shall be subject to the requirements of section 26-34. No member of the policy board shall act concurrently as a chief procurement officer. The members of the policy board shall devote such time to their duties as may be necessary for the proper discharge thereof.

(c) The policy board shall be assisted by employees of the department of accounting and general services, which shall provide at least one full-time support staff and funding necessary to support the policy board.

(d) Members of the policy board shall be reimbursed for any expenses, including travel expenses, reasonably incurred in the performance of their duties.

(e) The chairperson of the policy board shall be elected annually by a majority of its members from among all of its members; provided that the state comptroller shall not be eligible to serve as the chairperson. [L Sp 1993, c 8, pt of 2; am L 1997, c 190, 4 and c 352, 4; am L 1999, c 149, 13; am L 2002, c 148, 7]


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