[§103-55.5]  Wages and hours of employees on public works construction contracts.  (a)  Before any bidder or offeror enters into a contract for construction of a public work project in excess of $2,000, which is subject to chapter 104, the bidder or offeror shall affirm the bidder's or offeror's intent to comply with the requirements of chapter 104 by certifying that:

     (1)  Individuals engaged in the performance of the contract on the job site shall be paid:

          (A)  Not less than the wages that the director of labor and industrial relations shall have determined to be prevailing for corresponding classes of laborers and mechanics employed on public works projects; and

          (B)  Overtime compensation at one and one-half times  the basic hourly rate plus fringe benefits for hours worked on Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday of the State or in excess of eight hours on any other day; and

     (2)  All applicable laws of the federal and state governments relating to workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, payment of wages, and safety shall be fully complied with.

     (b)  No contract for construction of any public work project in excess of $2,000 shall be granted unless all the conditions of this section are met.

     (c)  It shall be the duty of the governmental contracting agency awarding the contract for construction of a public work project in excess of $2,000 to enforce this section. [L 2002, c 215, §2]


Cross References


  Employment of state residents on construction procurement contracts, see chapter 103B.