101-31 Payment of estimated compensation; effect thereof. Upon the application of the parties entitled thereto the court may order that the amount of the estimated compensation or damages stated in the motion and paid to the clerk of the court, or any part thereof, be paid forthwith for or on account of the just compensation to be awarded in the proceedings. If an additional deposit of money has been paid to the clerk of the court pursuant to section 101-28 the amount of the additional deposit or of any portion thereof, shall not, without the consent of the plaintiff, be paid to the party. A payment to any party as aforesaid shall be held to constitute an abandonment by the party of all defenses interposed by the party, excepting the party's claim for greater compensation or damages. If the compensation or damages finally awarded in respect of the land or any parcel thereof exceeds the amount of the money so received by any person entitled, the court shall enter judgment for the amount of the deficiency. The unexpended moneys and any additional security so deposited with the clerk of the court shall be available for, or for enforcement of, the payment of any final judgment awarded by the court. [L 1937, c 184, pt of 5; RL 1945, 319, pt of subs 1; am L 1947, c 200, pt of 1(d); am L 1951, c 12, pt of 1(l); RL 1955, 8-29; HRS 101-31; gen ch 1985]


Case Notes


Where estimate of compensation deposited to obtain immediate possession is in excess of final award, condemnee must make restitution with interest. 54 H. 385, 507 P.2d 1084.


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