101-30 Order of possession. No order of possession shall issue unless the plaintiff has paid to the clerk of the court issuing the order, for the use of the persons entitled thereto, the amount of the estimated compensation or damages stated in the motion for the issuance of the order and, in the case of a plaintiff other than the State or a county, has so paid such additional amount, or furnished such additional security, as may be required by the court.

An order of possession issued under section 101-29 shall not become effective until (1) summons in the action has been served personally on the defendants within or without the State, as provided in section 101-20 or section 634-24, or (2) the first publication of the summons directed to the defendants has occurred and notice has been posted as provided in section 634-23, or (3) the papers mailed to the defendants have been received as provided in section 634-24, or (4) the best notice practicable under the circumstances has been given as ordered by the court for good cause shown. [L 1937, c 184, pt of 5; RL 1945, 319, pt of subs 1; am L 1947, c 200, pt of 1(d); am L 1951, c 12, pt of 1(l); RL 1955, 8-28; HRS 101-30; am L 1973, c 30, 3]


Case Notes


Remedy under section is adequate. 39 H. 53.


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