101-12 Evidence. In addition to rules of evidence otherwise provided by law, in all proceedings brought under this part the valuation claimed by the taxpayer shall be taken into account. The valuation claimed by the taxpayer in any appeal regarding the assessment of real property tax shall be admissible in evidence as an admission of the fair market value of the real property as of the date of assessment irrespective of the fact that the assessed value from which the taxpayer appealed is adjusted to one hundred per cent fair market value; provided that the evidence shall not in any way affect the right of the taxpayer to severance damages, if any, to which the taxpayer may be entitled, and provided further that, if the taxpayer appealing the assessed value of the real property is a person under a contractual obligation to pay the tax assessed against the fee owner, whether such appeal is deemed consented to by the fee owner, the valuation claimed by such person shall not be admissible in evidence in any eminent domain proceeding against the fee owner. [L 1963, c 143, 4; Supp, 8-10.1; HRS 101-12; am L 1995, c 155, 1]


Rules of Court


Admission, see HRCP rule 36.


Case Notes


Recent sales of similar real estate is admissible as evidence of value in a condemnation case. 60 H. 393, 591 P.2d 1049.


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