101 Eminent Domain

   102 Concessions on Public Property

   103 Expenditure of Public Money and Public Contracts

  103B Employment of State Residents on Construction

       Procurement Contracts

  103D Hawaii Public Procurement Code

  103F Purchases of Health and Human Services

   104 Wages and Hours of Employees on Public Works

   105 Government Motor Vehicles

   106 Inventory, Accounting, and Disposal of Government


   107 Public Improvements

  107D State Facility Renovation Partnership Program

   109 Stadiums and Recreational Facilities

   110 State-Owned Cemeteries

   111 Assistance to Displaced Persons

   113 Land Acquisition Policies for Federally Assisted Programs

   115 Public Access to Coastal and Inland Recreational Areas





        Part I.  Condemnation of Private Property


    101-1 Definitions

    101-2 Taking private property for public use; disposal

          of excess property

    101-3 Entry upon private property by agreement

  101-3.5 Priority for lessees dislocated by condemnation


    101-4 Right of eminent domain granted to public utilities

          and others

    101-5 Fee simple or lesser estate may be acquired

    101-6 What property may be taken

    101-7 Superior public use

    101-8 Entering and surveying land

    101-9 Actions; priority

   101-10 Circuit courts have jurisdiction

   101-11 Procedure as in civil actions

   101-12 Evidence

   101-13 Exercise of power by county

   101-14 Plaintiff

   101-15 Complaint; defendants

   101-16 Complaint; additional contents; map

   101-17 Different properties in one action

   101-18 Joint or consolidated actions by governmental agencies

   101-19 Amendments of complaints, citations

   101-20 Notice

   101-21 Intervenors

   101-22 Decision

   101-23 Damages assessed, how

   101-24 Assessed as of day of summons

   101-25 Payment of judgment, penalties

   101-26 Final order of condemnation

   101-27 Defendant allowed damages upon abandonment or

          dismissal of proceedings

   101-28 Possession pending action; immediate occupation by


   101-29 Possession pending action; alternative procedure

   101-30 Order of possession

   101-31 Payment of estimated compensation; effect thereof

   101-32 Possession pending appeal

   101-33 Allowance of interest, etc.

   101-34 Issue as to use may be set for immediate trial

   101-35 Tax official as party; certificates, etc.

   101-36 Certificate of deposit of moneys in court; notice of


   101-37 Payment of taxes out of deposit

   101-38 Further certificate of possession

   101-39 Effect of abandonment of eminent domain proceedings


        Part II.  Irrigation Corporations

   101-41 Special power of eminent domain

   101-42 Rights-of-way

   101-43 Requirements prior to exercise of power

   101-44 Right-of-way lapses when


        Part III.  Special Proceedings Relating to Public


   101-51 Definitions

   101-52 Proceedings authorized

   101-53 Property already appropriated to a public purpose

   101-54 Part I provisions adopted; consolidation of



        Part IV.  Acquisition of Private Personal Property

   101-71 Taking private personal property for public use

   101-72 Negotiated purchase of private personal property under

          threat of condemnation


Rules of Court


  Applicability of Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, see HRCP rule 81(b)(2).


Law Journals and Reviews


  Dolan v. City of Tigard:  Individual Property Rights v. Land Management Systems.  17 UH L. Rev. 193.

  Eminent Domain and Serrated Power.  39 UH L. Rev. 171 (2016).


Case Notes


  Chapter did not preempt ordinance relating to residential condominium leasehold conversion.  76 H. 46, 868 P.2d 1193.