92F-42 Powers and duties of the office of information practices. The director of the office of information practices:

(1) Shall, upon request, review and rule on an agency denial of access to information or records, or an agency's granting of access; provided that any review by the office of information practices shall not be a contested case under chapter 91 and shall be optional and without prejudice to rights of judicial enforcement available under this chapter;

(2) Upon request by an agency, shall provide and make public advisory guidelines, opinions, or other information concerning that agency's functions and responsibilities;

(3) Upon request by any person, may provide advisory opinions or other information regarding that person's rights and the functions and responsibilities of agencies under this chapter;

(4) May conduct inquiries regarding compliance by an agency and investigate possible violations by any agency;

(5) May examine the records of any agency for the purpose of paragraphs (4) and (18) and seek to enforce that power in the courts of this State;

(6) May recommend disciplinary action to appropriate officers of an agency;

(7) Shall report annually to the governor and the state legislature on the activities and findings of the office of information practices, including recommendations for legislative changes;

(8) Shall receive complaints from and actively solicit the comments of the public regarding the implementation of this chapter;

(9) Shall review the official acts, records, policies, and procedures of each agency;

(10) Shall assist agencies in complying with the provisions of this chapter;

(11) Shall inform the public of the following rights of an individual and the procedures for exercising them:

(A) The right of access to records pertaining to the individual;

(B) The right to obtain a copy of records pertaining to the individual;

(C) The right to know the purposes for which records pertaining to the individual are kept;

(D) The right to be informed of the uses and disclosures of records pertaining to the individual;

(E) The right to correct or amend records pertaining to the individual; and

(F) The individual's right to place a statement in a record pertaining to that individual;

(12) Shall adopt rules that set forth an administrative appeals structure which provides for:

(A) Agency procedures for processing records requests;

(B) A direct appeal from the division maintaining the record; and

(C) Time limits for action by agencies;

(13) Shall adopt rules that set forth the fees and other charges that may be imposed for searching, reviewing, or segregating disclosable records, as well as to provide for a waiver of fees when the public interest would be served;

(14) Shall adopt rules which set forth uniform standards for the records collection practices of agencies;

(15) Shall adopt rules that set forth uniform standards for disclosure of records for research purposes;

(16) Shall have standing to appear in cases where the provisions of this chapter or part I of chapter 92 are called into question;

(17) Shall adopt, amend, or repeal rules pursuant to chapter 91 necessary for the purposes of this chapter; and

(18) Shall take action to oversee compliance with part I of chapter 92 by all state and county boards including:

(A) Receiving and resolving complaints;

(B) Advising all government boards and the public about compliance with chapter 92; and

(C) Reporting each year to the legislature on all complaints received pursuant to section 92-1.5. [L 1988, c 262, pt of 1; am L 1989, c 192, 10; am L 1998, c 137, 5; am L 2015, c 92, 5]



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