[§92-81]  Neighborhood board; notice and agenda; public input; quorum.  (a)  Any contrary provision in this chapter notwithstanding, the provisions of this part shall apply to neighborhood boards overseen by a neighborhood commission of the city and county of Honolulu, and such other neighborhood boards as may be created in other counties and overseen by a county-based commission.

     (b)  The agenda required to be included in written public notice of a neighborhood board meeting may include an opportunity for the board to receive public input on issues not specifically noticed for consideration at the forthcoming meeting.

     (c)  Any matter raised as part of the public input agenda allowed under subsection (b) may be discussed and information on the matter may be received by the board at the meeting; provided that the board shall not make a decision relating to the matter.  The board may make decisions on matters originally raised as part of a public input agenda only at a later meeting, where the agenda for the meeting shall give notice of decision-making on the matter.

     (d)  A quorum for a meeting of a neighborhood board shall be required for:

     (1)  Conducting official board business;

     (2)  Discussions prior to and related to voting; and

     (3)  Voting required to validate an act of the board as part of official board business.

A neighborhood board may receive information or testimony on a matter of official board business without a quorum; provided that the board shall not make a decision on the issue.  The board members, at the next meeting of the neighborhood board, shall report the matters presented as information or testimony. [L 2008, c 153, pt of §1]