92-41 Giving public notices. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, all governmental agencies scheduling a public hearing shall give public notice in the county affected by the proposed action, to inform the public of the time, place, and subject matter of the public hearing. This requirement shall prevail whether or not the governmental agency giving notice of public hearing is specifically required by law, and shall be in addition to other procedures required by law. [L 1972, c 188, 2; am L 1998, c 2, 29]


Attorney General Opinions


State agency required by section 91-3(a)(1) to publish notice of hearing must in addition comply with publication requirements of this section. Att. Gen. Op. 73-12.

This section does not require a public hearing in each county where a notice of public hearing is published. Att. Gen. Op. 73-13.

Notices must be published in a county newspaper and a newspaper with statewide circulation. Att. Gen. Op. 89-4.

For the repeal of rules, this section and 91-3 did not require individual notice to all property owners potentially affected by the change in the rules but only notice by publication, and a mailing to those persons who requested advance notice of department's rulemaking proceedings. Att. Gen. Op. 97-4.


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