89A-2 Functions of the office of collective bargaining and managed competition. In addition to the powers and functions provided in other sections of this chapter, and subject to the approval of the governor, the office of collective bargaining and managed competition shall:

(1) Assist the governor in formulating plans, including objectives, criteria to measure management's accomplishment of objectives, and programs through which the objectives are to be attained;

(2) Assist the governor in formulating management's philosophy for public collective bargaining as well as planning bargaining strategies;

(3) Conduct negotiations with the exclusive representatives of each employee organization and designate employer spokespersons for each negotiation;

(4) Coordinate the State's resources in all mediation, fact-finding and interest arbitration cases as well as in all labor disputes;

(5) Conduct systematic reviews of collective bargaining agreements for the purpose of contract negotiations;

(6) Coordinate the systematic compilation of data by all agencies that is required for negotiating purposes;

(7) Coordinate the establishment of cost data negotiated with each exclusive representative and assist the governor in making recommendations with respect thereto to the legislative bodies;

(8) Prepare and submit an annual report and such other reports as may be requested to the governor and to the legislature on the implementation of the collective bargaining act. [L 1975, c 165, 3; gen ch 1993; am L 2002, c 106, 3]



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