§89-16.6  Disclosure to an exclusive representative.  (a)  The appropriate government agencies shall, upon written request, disclose to an exclusive representative information relating to employees within their respective bargaining unit as follows:  name; mailing address; physical worksite address; date of change of physical worksite address; organizational structure, including name and codes for department, division, branch, section, and unit, or equivalent, as applicable; worksite telephone number; job title; job description; position number; employee identification number; appointment type; civil service status; social security number; bargaining unit; date of change in bargaining unit status of the employee; full-time equivalence of the employee; the employee's leave without pay status with effective dates and duration; basic rate of pay; types and effective dates of personnel actions that affect the amount and payment of the basic rate of pay; salary scale and range or equivalent; salary step or equivalent; amounts and dates of differential pay; amounts and dates of dues deductions; and amounts and dates of other authorized voluntary payroll deductions remitted to the exclusive representative; except that this provision shall not apply to information regarding present or former employees involved in an undercover capacity in a law enforcement agency.

     (b)  Information disclosed to the exclusive representative under this section shall be provided within a reasonable time after receipt of the written request.

     (c)  Information regarding new hire employees under this section shall be provided to the appropriate exclusive representatives within two payroll periods.

     (d)  An exclusive representative receiving government records pursuant to this section shall be subject to the same restrictions on disclosure of the records as the originating agency.

     (e)  Information disclosed pursuant to this section shall be provided in a form conducive to electronic data processing; provided the employer possesses appropriate data processing capability. [L 1990, c 250, §1; am L 1991, c 152, §1; am L 2019, c 196, §1]