88E-1 Definitions

    88E-2 State deferred compensation plan

    88E-3 Board of trustees

    88E-4 Composition of the board of trustees

    88E-5 Appointment and terms

    88E-6 Compensation and expenses

    88E-7 Legal advisor

    88E-8 Deferred funds

    88E-9 Investments

   88E-10 Repealed

   88E-11 Limitation on liability

   88E-12 Deferred amounts as compensation

   88E-13 Costs of the plan

   88E-14 County deferred compensation plans

   88E-15 Existing deferred compensation plans


Attorney General Opinions


  Hawaii Public Procurement Code did not apply to board of trustees' current administrator and investment-product-provider contracts because they were entered into before Code's July 1, 1994 effective date.  The Code would apply to contracts entered into after that date if "public funds" are used to fund them.  Att. Gen. Op. 94-4.


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