78-1 Citizenship and residence; exceptions

78-1.5 Definitions

78-1.6 Office hours

78-2, 2.5 Repealed

78-2.6 Prospective employees; suitability for public


78-2.7 Criminal history record checks

78-2.8 Public employees; termination

78-3 Repealed

78‑3.1 Whistleblowers; notice

78-3.5 Experimental modernization projects

78-3.6 Experimental modernization projects; county boards

of water supply

78-4 Boards and commissions; service limited

78-5, 6 Repealed

78-7 Certain public officers prohibited from receiving

certain masterships and master's fees; forfeiture

78-8 Persons subject to sections 78-8 to 78-11

78-9 Failure to appear or testify, termination of


78-10 Procedure upon default

78-11 Review of discharge

78-12 Salary withheld for indebtedness to the government

78-13 Salary periods

78-14 to 16 Repealed

78-16.5 Pay of officers and employees on active military

service and other periods

78-16.6 Nonforfeiture for absence

78-17 Payment of salaries or wages upon discharge from


78-18 Repealed

78-18.3 Prohibition on certain increases in salaries for

certain state and county officers or employees

78-18.5 Repealed

78-19 Repealed

78-20 Sureties

78-21 Limitation of liability

78-22 Repealed

78-23 Leaves of absence

78-23.5 Paid leave for state and county employees providing

disaster relief services for the American Red Cross

78-23.6 Leave of absence to serve as bone marrow donor or

organ donor

78-24 Injured employee; liability of third persons

78-25 Credits for employees receiving workers'

compensation benefits; wage supplement

78-26 Leave sharing program

78-27 Temporary inter- and intra-governmental assignments

and exchanges

78-28 In-service training programs

78-29 Incentive and service awards

78-30 Cafeteria plans

78-31 Paid leave; education of children

78-32 Payment of approved travel costs for public officers

and employees

78-51 Repealed

78-52 Peer support counseling; sessions

78-53 Pretax transportation benefit program

78-61 to 63 Repealed

78-64 New employees; orientation on benefits and rights

78-65 County mayors; outside employment and emoluments





Chapter title amended by L 1989, c 63, 3.


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