76 Civil Service Law

  77 Compensation Law--Repealed

  78 Public Service

  79 Leaves of Absence--Repealed

  80 Hours of Work--Repealed

  81 In-Service Training Programs--Repealed

  82 Incentive and Service Awards--Repealed

  83 Temporary Intergovernmental Assignment of Public


  84 Standards of Conduct

  85 Loyalty

  86 Strikes Against the Government--Repealed

  87 Public Employees Health Fund--Repealed

 87A Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund

 87D Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association


  88 Pension and Retirement Systems

 88D Tax Deferred Compensation Plans for Public Employees

 88E Deferred Compensation Plan

 88F Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan for Part-Time,

     Temporary, and Seasonal or Casual Employees

  89 Collective Bargaining in Public Employment

 89A Office of Collective Bargaining and Managed Competition

 89C Public Officers and Employees Excluded from Collective


 89E Separation Benefits--Repealed

  90 State Policy Concerning the Utilization of Volunteer


 90D Commission for National and Community Service





        Part I.  General Civil Service Provisions


     76-1 Purposes; merit principle

   76-1.5 Executive branch workforce demographic profile

     76-2 to 4 Repealed

     76-5 Alternatives in providing human resources program


   76-5.5 Repealed

     76-6 Chapter inoperative, when

     76-7 to 10 Repealed

    76-11 Definitions

  76-11.5 Repealed

  76-11.6 Special, research, or demonstration project


    76-12 General powers and duties of director

    76-13 Specific duties and powers of director

  76-13.5 Classification

    76-14 Merit appeals board; duties, and jurisdiction

    76-15 Examination consultants

    76-16 Civil service and exemptions

    76-17 Rules; policies, standards, and procedures

    76-18 Examinations

    76-19 to 22 Repealed

  76-22.5 Recruitment

    76-23 Repealed

  76-23.5 Recruitment incentives

    76-24 to 26 Repealed

    76-27 Probationary service and other requirements for

          membership in the civil service

    76-28 Forms required of appointing authorities

  76-28.5 Temporary employment in state positions

    76-29 Person ineligible for appointment

    76-30 Tenure; resignations

  76-30.5 Leaves of absence to accept appointed positions

          exempt from the civil service; prohibited

    76-31 to 40 Repealed

    76-41 Performance appraisal systems; failure to meet

          performance requirements

    76-42 Internal complaint procedures

    76-43 Layoff

    76-44 Repealed

    76-45 Suspension

    76-46 Discharges; demotions

    76-47 Merit appeals boards; appointment, authority,


    76-48 Repealed

    76-49 Subpoenas, oaths

    76-50 Compensation and expenses of a merit appeals board

    76-51 Prohibited activities by members of a merit appeals


    76-52 to 56 Repealed


        Part II.  Special Civil Service Provisions for the

                  Counties of Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai

    76-71 Department of civil service

    76-72 to 74 Repealed

    76-75 Personnel director

    76-76 Deputy director

    76-77 Civil service and exemptions

    76-78 to 81 Repealed


        Part IV.  Prohibited Activities--Repealed

   76-91, 92 Repealed


        Part V.  Employee Organizations; Veteran's Preference;

                 Other Rights

  76-101, 102 Repealed

   76-103 Veteran's preference

   76-104 to 106 Repealed


        Part VI.  Hawaii Health Systems Corporation--Repealed

   76-121 to 123 Repealed




  This chapter was extensively revised by L 2000, c 253.

Prior history.

  This chapter is based upon L 1955, c 274, §1, which completely reenacted RL 1945, chapter 2.  Chapter 2 was based upon L 1939, c 187, and was amended by L 1947, cc 110, 119; L Sp 1949, cc 4, 45; L 1951, cc 155, 262, 319; L 1953, c 212.  Source notes following each section commence as of L 1955, c 274.

  This chapter is revised to conform to L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §11, which changed the state civil service administration by vesting in the state director of personnel services the administration of the state department of personnel services, including the authority to prescribe rules and regulations, and established the state civil service commission as an appellate body.

  The law is further revised as superseded by the provisions of the county charters.


Cross References


  Nonconsensual common law liens, see chapter 507D.


Attorney General Opinions


  Because the procedure outlined in §76-2 is limited in its application to interpretations of this chapter and chapter 77, the constitutionality of any provision of the two chapters is an issue beyond the bounds of that process.  Att. Gen. Op. 97-6.


Case Notes


  City and County of Honolulu does not appear subject to chapter.  68 H. 432, 718 P.2d 1076.

  Discussed:  133 H. 188, 325 P.3d 600 (2014).



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