Part I. Generally


54-1 Improvement by assessment


Part II. County Boards of Water Supply

54-11 Definitions

54-12 Board of water supply

54-13 Organization and meetings

54-14 Staff

54-15 Powers and duties of board

54-16 Legal department

54-17 Outstanding obligations

54-18 Purchase and sale of waterworks property;


54-19 Construction, additions, extensions, increases,

betterments, and improvements

54-20 Accounts, revenues and expenditures

54-21 Reserve fund

54-22 Revenue bond sales

54-23 Provisions for payment of bonds, etc.

54-24 Operating expenses, reserves, and appropriations

54-25 Disbursement of fund

54-26 Rates

54-27 Acquisition of lands

54-28 Agreement for joint use of utilities

54-29 Pensions

54-30 Deposit of money in banks

54-31 Name and service of process; claims against the board

54-32 Office and base yard facilities

54-33 Rules and regulations

54-34 Penalties


Part III. Hawaii County Board of Water Supply

54-51 Board of water supply

54-52 Appointment

54-53 Organization and meetings

54-54 General management

54-55 Legal department

54-56 Purchases and contracts

54-57 Construction, additions, extensions, increases,

betterments, and improvements

54-58 Accounts, revenues, and expenditures

54-59 Audits

54-60 Reserve fund

54-61 Bond sales

54-62 Disbursement of funds

54-63 Rates

54-64 Acquisition of lands

54-65 Agreements for joint use of utilities

54-66 Agreements for joint services of employees

54-67 Service of process; claims




Standardized water audits of public water systems; reports. L 2016, c 169.


Cross References


Graywater recycling program, see 342D-70.



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