Part I.  Urban Redevelopment Act


     53-1 Definitions

     53-2 Redevelopment agency; creation

     53-3 Interest in project prohibited; disclosure of


     53-4 Removal of members

     53-5 Powers and duties of agency

     53-6 Initiation and approval of redevelopment plan

     53-7 Urban renewal projects in disaster areas

     53-8 Acquisition of lands in redevelopment project

     53-9 Work on acquired areas; competitive contracts

    53-10 Appraisal of lands of agency

    53-11 Government instrumentalities to cooperate with agency

    53-12 Sale and lease of acquired lands; preference

    53-13 New constructions by agency

    53-14 Agency exempt from real property taxes

    53-15 Financial assistance of agency and office of urban

          renewal coordinator; redevelopment fund

    53-16 Bonds of agency

    53-17 Bonds of agency to be legal investments

    53-18 Investment of funds

    53-19 Report

    53-20 Auxiliary redevelopment area

    53-21 Auxiliary redevelopment area; displaced persons

    53-22 Governmental advances, donations, and other


    53-23 Redevelopment corporations; how created

    53-24 Consent of agency to incorporation of redevelopment


    53-25 Application of other corporation laws

    53-26 Powers of redevelopment corporations

    53-27 Limited return on investment

    53-28 Consideration for issuance of stocks and bonds

    53-29 Minimum amount of stock and debentures

    53-30 Income debentures

    53-31 Mortgages and mortgage bonds

    53-32 Limitations

    53-33 Advances by redevelopment corporation

    53-34 Regulation of redevelopment corporations

    53-35 Transfer of title or foreclosure of project

    53-36 Dissolution

    53-37 Participation by certain corporations

    53-38 Tax exemption

    53-39 No limitation of provisions by implication


        Part II.  Urban Renewal

    53-51 Urban renewal projects

    53-52 Urban renewal plan

    53-53 Powers with respect to urban renewal

    53-54 Assistance to urban renewal by counties and other

          public bodies

    53-55 Urban redevelopment coordinator, office created

    53-56 Workable program, definition

    53-57 Coordinator, appointment, term, removal

    53-58 Coordinator, qualifications

    53-59 Coordinator, duties and powers

    53-60 Ordinance relating to repair, closing, and demolition

          of dwellings unfit for human habitation

    53-61 Repealed


        Part III.  Exercise of Urban Renewal Powers by a County


    53-81 County may exercise urban renewal powers directly

    53-82 Abolition of existing agency

    53-83 Powers of county

    53-84 Incurring of indebtedness by the county

    53-85 Projects to constitute "undertakings"; revenues to

          include certain federal moneys; imposition of rates

          and charges


Case Notes


  Chapter cited:  44 H. 154, 174, 352 P.2d 861.


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