52D-1 Police commission

52D-2 Chief of police

52D-3 Powers and duties of chief of police

52D-3.5 Reports to legislature

52D-4 Ex officio coroner

52D-5 Powers of chief of police outside own county

52D-6 Police force; employees

52D-7 Traffic control surrounding school premises

52D-8 Police officers; counsel for

52D-9 Determination of scope of duty

52D-10 Disposition of found, stolen, or unclaimed property

52D-11 Reports by common carriers and court clerks

52D-12 Duty of police officer to owner

52D-13 Orders of retention

52D-14 Duty and right of finders

52D-15 Off-duty police officers; benefits for personal


52D-16 Domestic violence policies; standard of conduct


52D-17 Citizen administrative complaints; officer-involved

domestic violence


Cross References


Emergency use of private real property, see chapter 135.

Forensic identification, see chapter 844D.

Juvenile crime prevention bureau, see 571-71 to 74.

Peer support counseling; sessions, see 78-52.

Retention of emergency 911 recordings, see 46-1.7.

Safe place for newborns, see chapter 587D.


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