49-1 Definitions. Whenever used in this chapter, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

"Board" means any department or board of a county authorized to issue revenue bonds under this chapter.

"County" means the city and county of Honolulu and the counties of Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui, the board of water supply of the city and county of Honolulu and the boards of water supply of the counties of Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui.

"Director of finance" means the director of finance of the various counties.

"Governing body" means council of each county, or any other body exercising the legislative powers of the county.

"Loan program" means the activities and policies undertaken by any county to provide:

(1) Assistance to members of the general public who are residents of the county by making loans or causing loans to be made available to them for purposes as may be authorized by law; or

(2) Loans to private nonprofit organizations or public instrumentalities, or to wholly owned affiliates thereof, for the development of low and moderate income housing pursuant to section 46-15.1(a).

"Revenue" means the moneys collected, including any moneys collected from the county or any department thereof, from the rates, rentals, fees and charges prescribed for the use and services of, and the facilities and commodities furnished by, an undertaking or the use and services and benefits of a loan program.

"Revenue bonds" means all bonds payable solely from and secured by the revenue, or user taxes, or any combination of both, of an undertaking or loan program or any loan made thereunder for which such bonds are issued and as otherwise provided in this chapter.

"Undertaking" means any public works and properties, improvement, or system owned or operated by the county, and from which the county may derive revenue, or with respect to which the county may derive user taxes, including but not limited to one or a combination of two or more of the following: water, sewerage, gas or electric, heat, light or power works, solid waste processing and disposal, public off-street parking facilities, plants, systems, and low and moderate income housing projects provided pursuant to section 46-15.1, together with all parts thereof and appurtenances thereto.

"User taxes" means taxes on goods or services or on the consumption thereof, the receipts of which are substantially derived from the consumption, use or sale of goods and services in the utilization of the functions or services furnished by the undertaking. [L 1989, c 80, pt of 3; am L 2002, c 207, 1, 3; am L 2007, c 37, 3]


Cross References



Mass transit system, see 51-4.

Off-street parking, see chapter 56.



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