§46-19.6  [OLD]  REPEALED.  L 1994, c 168, §2.


     [§46-19.6]  County building permits; incorporation of energy and environmental design building standards in project design; priority processing.  (a)  Each county agency that issues building, construction, or development-related permits shall establish a procedure for the priority processing of a permit application submitted by a private entity for a construction project that incorporates energy and environmental design building standards into its project design.  The permit processing procedure shall give priority to private sector permit applicants at no additional cost to the applicant.  Any priority permit processing procedure established by a county pursuant to this section shall not imply or provide that any permit application filed under the priority processing procedure shall be automatically approved.

     (b)  For the purposes of this section:

     "Energy and environmental design building standards" means the leadership in energy and environmental design silver or two green globes rating system or another comparable state‑approved, nationally recognized, and consensus‑based guideline, standard, or system.

     "Private entity" means any permit applicant that is not the State, a county, the federal government, or any political subdivision thereof. [L 2006, c 96, §29]