Subtitle 1.  Provisions Common to All Counties



   46 General Provisions

   47 County Bonds

  47C Indebtedness of the Counties, Exclusions from

      the Funded Debt, and Certification Thereof

   48 Economic Development Bonds

  48E Political Subdivision Pollution Control

      Special Purpose Revenue Bonds

   49 Revenue Bonds

   50 Charter Commissions

   51 Mass Transit

  51D Transit Capital Development Fund--Repealed

   52 Police Departments--Repealed

  52D Police Departments

   53 Urban Renewal Law

   54 Water Systems

   56 Public Off-Street Parking Facilities

   57 Urban and Regional Design--Repealed

   58 Exceptional Trees


       Subtitle 2.  Government of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui


   61 General Organization and Powers--Repealed

   62 County Officers--Repealed

   63 Election of Officers--Repealed

   64 Provisions Specific for Hawaii--Repealed

   65 Provisions Specific for Kauai--Repealed

   66 Provisions Specific for Maui--Repealed

   67 Improvement by Assessment--Repealed


       Subtitle 3.  Honolulu Government


   70 General Provisions Relating to Honolulu--Repealed

   71 Artesian Well Control--Repealed




  The constitution, article VIII, §2, provides that charter provisions relating to a political subdivision's executive, legislative and administrative structure and organization shall be superior to statutory provisions, subject to the authority of the legislature to enact general laws allocating and reallocating powers and functions.  Accordingly, the charters should be consulted with respect to any provision concerning the counties appearing in the Revised Statutes.


Revision Note


  Throughout this title, references to "board of supervisors or city council", "treasurer" and "auditor", and the titles of other officers and agencies have been changed to "council", "director of finance", or other appropriate title of the officer or agency to conform to the terminology of the charters.


Cross References


  Hawaii performance partnerships board, see §§27-51 to 54.








        Part I.  General Jurisdiction and Powers


     46-1 Meeting place of council

   46-1.5 General powers and limitation of the counties

  46-1.52 Authority to enter private property; pests or

          invasive species

  46-1.55 Indigenous Hawaiian architecture

   46-1.6 Repealed

   46-1.7 Retention of emergency 911 recordings

   46-1.8 Reciprocal supplying of tax information

     46-2 Publication or advertising of ordinances, amendments,

          resolutions, and bills

   46-2.1 Comprehensive ordinance codes

   46-2.2 Publication of supplements

     46-3 Repealed

   46-3.5 Repealed

     46-4 County zoning

   46-4.1 Repealed

   46-4.2 Nonsignificant zoning changes

   46-4.5 Ordinances establishing historical, cultural, and

          scenic districts

     46-5 Planning and traffic commissions; creation

     46-6 Parks and playgrounds for subdivisions

   46-6.5 Public access

     46-7 Agreements with federal government; use of funds

     46-8 State and county co-sponsorship of programs

     46-9 Expenditures of money for sister-city relationships

    46-10 County bands; travel

    46-11 Federal flood insurance

  46-11.5 Maintenance of channels, streambeds, streambanks, and


    46-12 Cleaning shores and beaches of seaweed, limu, and


  46-12.5 State beach park lifeguard services

    46-13 Each county to determine its own number of fire


  46-13.1 Volunteer fire stations

    46-14 Repealed

  46-14.5 Land use density and infrastructure; low-income

          rental units

    46-15 Experimental and demonstration housing projects

 46-15.01 Limitation of application

  46-15.1 Housing; county powers

  46-15.2 Housing; additional county powers

 46-15.21 Housing choice voucher program

 46-15.25 Infrastructure dedication; affordable housing

  46-15.3 Regulation of adult family boarding home and care home

 46-15.35 Family child care homes; permitted use in residential

          areas and agriculturally designated districts

 46-15.36 Hospice homes; permitted use in residential areas

 46-15.39 Repealed

  46-15.4 Administrative inspections and warrants

  46-15.5 Cooperation by state departments

  46-15.6 Definitions

  46-15.7 Concurrent processing

  46-15.9 Traffic regulation; repair and maintenance; public

          right to use public streets, roads, or highways whose

          ownership is in dispute

    46-16 Traffic regulation and control over private streets

  46-16.1 Prohibitions or restrictions on stopping, standing,

          or parking of vehicles on county highways

  46-16.2 Commuter benefits program

  46-16.3 Regulation of commercial bicycle tours

  46-16.5 Public passenger vehicle regulation

  46-16.7 Repealed

  46-16.8 County surcharge on state tax

    46-17 Regulation of certain public nuisances

    46-18 Central coordinating agency

    46-19 Development of alternative energy resources

  46-19.1 Facilities for solid waste processing and disposal and

          electric generation; financing; sale

  46-19.4 Priority permitting process for renewable energy


  46-19.5 Energy conservation standards for building design and


  46-19.6 County building permits; incorporation of energy and

          environmental design building standards in project

          design; priority processing

  46-19.7 Individual shower control valves required

  46-19.8 Fire sprinklers; residences

    46-20 Regulation of sewerage and wastewater treatment


  46-20.1 County ownership of sewer transmission lines and

          facilities servicing Hawaiian home lands

  46-20.2 Infrastructure maintenance; housing development for

          the department of Hawaiian home lands

  46-20.5 Regulation of towing operations

  46-20.7 County transient accommodations tax


        Part II.  Officers and Employees

   46-21, 21.5 Repealed

    46-22 Compensation of certain county officials

  46-22.1 Salaries of members of council

    46-23 Salaries of department heads, deputies, assistants;

          fixed how

    46-24 Limitation on salary of first deputy or assistant

    46-25 Salaries of county officers and employees; moneys

          payable into treasury

  46-25.5 Expenses

    46-26 Bonds of county officers; form

    46-27 Approval of bonds

    46-28 Extent of liability

    46-29 Certain notarial powers conferred upon county officers

    46-30 Transfer of civil service personnel on reorganization

    46-31 Transfer of noncivil service personnel on


    46-32 Employees of council

    46-33 Exemption of certain county positions

    46-34 Civil service exemptions

    46-35 Firefighters, counsel for

    46-36 Authority of counties to engage in the process of

          managed competition; established


        Part III.  Fiscal Administration

    46-41 Budgets; financial records on fiscal year basis

    46-42 Reports by fiscal officers

    46-43 County records

    46-44 Repealed

  46-44.5 Lapsed warrant

    46-45 Excessive expenditures; penalty

    46-46 Excess expenditures; when permitted

    46-47 Franchise fees, disposition of

    46-48 Deposit of funds in banks

    46-49 Interest on deposits

    46-50 Short term investment of county moneys

    46-51 Deposit of securities with mainland depositories

    46-52 Deposit of securities

    46-53 Loans to the State

    46-54 Collection of delinquent license fees, taxes, and

          other amounts

    46-55 Schedule of council anticipated expenditures

    46-56 Purchasing


        Part IV.  Real and Personal Property

    46-61 Eminent domain; purposes for taking property

    46-62 Eminent domain; proceedings according to chapter 101

    46-63 Gift or sale of county property for care of aged


    46-64 Disposition of surplus property

    46-65 Parks in the charge of council

  46-65.5 Exchange of park property

  46-65.6 Thomas Square; to be maintained

  46-65.7 Ala Wai golf course

    46-66 Disposition of real property

    46-67 Easements; formal subdivision process and approval



        Part V.  Miscellaneous

    46-71 Service of process upon county

  46-71.5 Indemnification of county agencies

    46-72 Liability for injuries or damages; notice

  46-72.5 Counties' limited liability for skateboard activities

          at public skateboard parks

    46-73 Claims for legislative relief; conditions

    46-74 Waiver of exemption from assessment for improvements

  46-74.1 Exemption from improvement assessments

  46-74.2 Public land or land exempt from taxation, etc.; cost

          otherwise assessable against borne by city and county

    46-75 Improvement bonds exempt from taxation

    46-76 Location of utility facilities in improvement


    46-77 Underground utility facilities in improvement


    46-78 Improvement districts, initiation by the State

    46-79 CUSIP numbers for district improvement bonds or

          improvement district bonds of counties

    46-80 Improvement by assessment; financing; commercial

          property assessed financing program

  46-80.1 Community facilities district

  46-80.5 Special improvement district

    46-81 Reserve funds for payment of improvements

    46-85 Contracts for solid waste disposal

    46-86 Transactions for utility services

    46-87 Liquidated damages

    46-88 Agricultural buildings and structures; exemptions from

          building permit and building code requirements

    46-89 Broadband-related permits; automatic approval


        Part VI.  Tax Increment Financing

   46-101 Short title

   46-102 Definitions

   46-103 Establishment of tax increment district

   46-104 County powers

   46-105 Collection of tax increments

   46-106 Tax increment bonds

   46-107 Tax increment bond anticipation notes

   46-108 Annual report

   46-109 Termination of a tax increment district

   46-110 Tax increment fund

   46-111 Computation of tax increment

   46-112 Tax on leased redevelopment property

   46-113 Cumulative effect


        Part VII.  Development Agreements

   46-121 Findings and purpose

   46-122 Definitions

   46-123 General authorization

   46-124 Negotiating development agreements

   46-125 Periodic review; termination of agreement

   46-126 Development agreement; provisions

   46-127 Enforceability; applicability

   46-128 Public hearing

   46-129 County general plan and development plans

   46-130 Amendment or cancellation

   46-131 Administrative act

   46-132 Filing or recordation


        Part VIII.  Impact Fees

   46-141 Definitions

   46-142 Authority to impose impact fees; enactment of

          ordinances required

 46-142.5 School impact districts; new building permit


   46-143 Impact fee calculation

   46-144 Collection and expenditure of impact fees

   46-145 Refund of impact fees

   46-146 Time of assessment and collection of impact fees

   46-147 Effect on existing ordinances

   46-148 Transitions


        Part IX.  Transfer of Development Rights

   46-161 Findings and purpose

   46-162 Definitions

   46-163 Conditions for the transfer of development rights

   46-164 Procedures

   46-165 Other rights not affected


        Part X.  Qui Tam Actions or Recovery of

                 False Claims to the Counties

   46-171 Actions for false claims to the counties; qui tam


   46-172 Civil actions for false claims

   46-173 Evidentiary determination; burden of proof

   46-174 Statute of limitations

   46-175 Action by private persons

   46-176 Rights of parties to qui tam actions

   46-177 Awards to qui tam plaintiffs

   46-178 Repealed

   46-179 Fees and costs of litigation

   46-180 Relief from retaliatory actions

   46-181 Certain actions barred


        Part XI.  County Emergency Medical Services System

   46-191 Definitions

   46-192 County emergency medical services system;


   46-193 County, functions; duties

   46-194 Emergency medical services; fees

   46-195 Community paramedicine program; established

   46-196 Emergency medical services; levels of service;


   46-197 Grants

   46-198 Immunity and limitation on liability for emergency

          aeromedical services

   46-199 Rules



  Broadband services; exemption from certain permitting processes.  L 2011, c 151; L 2013, c 264; L 2016, c 193, §§1, 2.

  City and county of Honolulu to take ownership of specified road or parcel upon acceptance of funds.  L 2016, c 194, §4.

  Public land trust information system.  L 2011, c 54; L 2013, c 110.


Cross References


  Access Hawaii committee (management of State's internet portal), see chapter 27G.

  Acquisition of resource value lands, see chapter 173A.

  Complete streets, see §264-20.5.

  Conclusive presumptions relating to duty of public entities to warn of dangers at public beach parks, see §663-1.56.

  Emergency management, see chapter 127A.

  Employment of retirants, see §88-9.

  Important agricultural lands, see §§205-41 to 52.

  Information privacy and security council; personal information security, see §§487N-5 to 7.

  Legacy land conservation commission, see §173A-2.4.

  Neighborhood board, see §§92-81 to 83.

  Parental preference in government contract and services, see §577-7.5.

  Personal information policy and oversight responsibilities for government agencies, see §487J-5.

  Small business regulatory flexibility act, see chapter 201M.

  Uniform electronic transactions act, see chapter 489E.


Case Notes


  Chapter did not preempt ordinance relating to residential condominium leasehold conversion.  76 H. 46, 868 P.2d 1193.